Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a matter of style...

Fashion is part of my life. I love shopping, I love clothing & I love a certain style...nothing extravagant or flashy but elegant & sometimes a little sophisticated.

I'm convinced that a natural & raffinated look is very important of course with a lot of personality! We always remember women with great looks & a typical style, think of Jackie 'O or Grace Kelly, Lauren Hutton etc...

1950s picture by Henry Clarke

Fay Dunaway in my favorite movie 'The Crown Afaire'.
I Love her look.

As graceful as Grace & her 'kellybag' by Hermes.

As elegant as Audrey...

I love this!!

Little Hermes watch, to wear as a sautoir-type necklace.

The timeless looks of Lauren Hutton,

Ballerinas, always my favorite!!
I can't wait for the summer to come...mmm!