Monday, December 28, 2009

'Heiligendamm' a legend with a future

One candle can lighten a thousand other candles without shortening its own life.
Wishing you all a happy & tenderfull new year!
Brigitte - 01.01.2010.

I'd like to take you for a moment back in time, 18°-19°Century. A place of splender & elegance... nobility from troughout Europe used as a summer getaway well into the 20°Century. Only a few places on earth makes us dream of times when luxury had nothing to do with glamour or show. I think of places like Martha's Vineyard or Deauville...

Heiligendamm 'The White', a Baltique symphonie.
The absolute harmony between architecture & nature.

A soft breeze fills your lungs, charged with iodine of course...but most of all the smell of the woods, the beechtrees, elm & oaktrees growing along de seashore. You are now at the end of the world, at the border of Germany on the border of the Baltic're at Heiligendamm. The sea is of a deep bleu witch suddenly changes into an emeraude green. This exceptional pure water is now the base of a luxury selection of products proposed in the exlusive Spa of the Palais Séverin.

I had the pleasure to meet this extraordinary women, full of talent & elegance, Anna Maria Jagdfeld. Company name 'amjdesign'. She is the interior designer and inspirator of this beautifull place. We were lucky to visit together with her this projects & I'd like to share this with you because this is not a daily thing...

It took 10 years of intensive work & restoration.0,1020,10689,00.jpg

Heiligendamm, this early 18°C resort was developed as an elegant meeting place for Royals & Aristocrats, the oldest seaside spa in Germany. An enornous project, she started (and saved) together with her husband, the renovation of this abandoned & deserted Royal Residences along the sea.

The neoclassical architecture is of a dazzeling white, everything has been restored from top to bottom. The parc & surroundings are unrecognisable,

Elegant cottages in an English landscape.


There's no elegance without personality.




  1. Hello Brigitte,

    You too a happy New Year, And it's true one think can motivate a lot of others.

    What a nice place, never heard of it before, I am gonna investigate that.

    David, Best wishes

  2. Brigitte,
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of Heiligendamm! I have never heard of it before!

  3. Hello Brigitte,
    (as I live in Germany) I´m particularly thrilled to read such a wonderful post about Heiligendamm.
    I´m very glad I discovered your beautiful blog trough Greet and look forward to following it from now on!